Deep State’s Worst Nightmare: UNIFICATION!

Have you noticed? Someone starts something, and it’s picked up by others, first on social media, and then in reality. Example: Whistleblowers. They are coming forth so fast and furious now, there’s no way to keep up. Check their very active news site: Example: The Maricopa Arizona forensic audit: as of now, four more statesContinue reading “Deep State’s Worst Nightmare: UNIFICATION!”

1994 Essay: Building the Snow Castle

I listened to a podcast during my rest period this afternoon, one that featured Julian Rose, an elder with whom I have long felt an affinity. When he began to talk about “community,” I found myself nodding, given our now 12-year-old experiment here in Green Acres Permaculture Village. I paraphrase what he said that struckContinue reading “1994 Essay: Building the Snow Castle”

A MILLENNIAL ESSAY: Touchdown to the Stars

I came across another essay in my recap project this afternoon, that goes well with the one from 14 years earlier that I put up yesterday, as well as offer us some respite, a much vaster context, for the chaotic, volatile, unprecedented turbulence we are all currently caught within.  It is well to keep inContinue reading “A MILLENNIAL ESSAY: Touchdown to the Stars”

Musing on how “scared” is an anagram of “sacred” . . .

Re: Our Sunday Meditations. I was musing on how “scared” is an anagram of “sacred,”  (which are, in turn, cognates for Fear and Love), when I came across this: Notice that the word “alchemize” is used. From there I segued to a website,, run by Michelle Hubbard, a “transformation specialist.” I especially appreciate herContinue reading “Musing on how “scared” is an anagram of “sacred” . . .”

The Dehumanization of the (Covid) OTHER

Please PAY ATTENTION. BTW: My way of working with others, my familiars — family, podmates and friends of Green Acres Permaculture Village, other friends and associates — with many of whom I would otherwise argue over ideology: “Let’s just focus on what we have in common.” It works. Beautifully. We are all relieved not toContinue reading “The Dehumanization of the (Covid) OTHER”

New Telegram Channel for Sunday Meditators: LOVE ALCHEMIZES FEAR (LAF!)

We finally got this to where we want it visually. Let John and I know if you wish to be invited to this private group where we can discuss whatever!

“WAKE UP! IT’S TIME!” That’s for sure . . .

“WAKE UP! IT’S TIME!” This was the voice I heard, as I awakened from a numinous dream, back in 1989. WAKE UP! IT’S TIME! That was 21 years ago, three quarters of a Saturn cycle ago, one quarter of a Uranus cycle ago. The Voice was that of Raven, raucously cawing while fiercly clawing onContinue reading ““WAKE UP! IT’S TIME!” That’s for sure . . .”

Let us Utilize the Infinite Power of Imagination to Manifest Heaven on Earth — and Peace in Space

Yes, folks, it’s magic! And it all starts inside, within me, within you, within us. As I say to young people here, “What would you do with your life if there were absolutely no obstacles in your way?” They usually look at me, stunned. On their faces I see this: What, no obstacles? You meanContinue reading “Let us Utilize the Infinite Power of Imagination to Manifest Heaven on Earth — and Peace in Space”

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