“At home” in Indiana (or, as I prefer, InDiana): Local Fractal of Global Unrest

This happened last July 26th. Brace yourself. Surprised it’s still on youtube. Carmel/Clay is not alone. Of Course! Parents across Indiana are, with firm determination that can, on occasion, turn raucous, pushing back. Tense School Board Meetings Becoming More Common in Indiana Districts Infowars picked up on this meeting, where a school board member attemptedContinue reading ““At home” in Indiana (or, as I prefer, InDiana): Local Fractal of Global Unrest”

Reflections on Impermanence: “But did you die?”

On our way home from our morning walk, this time on the wooded hilly trails at nearby Griffy Lake (I have to keep a colorful vest on puppy Shadow, otherwise, I won’t see him: his fur the color of tree bark) — — I came across a bumpersticker,  tasteful and simple, white lettering on blackContinue reading “Reflections on Impermanence: “But did you die?””

WHAT’S IN THOSE CV “vaccine” VIALS? Dr. Carrie Madej: “Nothing I’ve ever seen before”

Besides translucent colors, and apparently self-organizing bits, this. “Object? Organisim?” “All I can say is it appeared to be self-aware, with tentacles that lifted itself off the glass.” Furthermore,  Madej claims, all three vaccines, including the J & J, appear to contain graphene oxide. Then there are the “operating systems” — “artificial intelligence inside the humanContinue reading “WHAT’S IN THOSE CV “vaccine” VIALS? Dr. Carrie Madej: “Nothing I’ve ever seen before””

MORE RESISTANCE, at every scale

Most bars here in Bloomington Indiana now require a vaccine passport for entry. Not that I care. But so does the week-long Lotus World Music Festival. There goes that formerly fun event. This new, and seemingly growing divide, between the vaxxed and unvaxxed — — where the vaxxed are indoctrinated to think there’s a PandemicContinue reading “MORE RESISTANCE, at every scale”

Do I detect enormous rage surfacing?

Or is it just me, so furious, by this time, that I want to scream. But what good would that do? How’s this, for an image. Supposedly one of those empty Chinese cities . . . Matches my mood. Whistleblower nurses, thanks to Max Igan, occupy the first seven minutes of his new video. Nurse:Continue reading “Do I detect enormous rage surfacing?”

COVID CON: Are the Tables Turning?

It’s interesting to me that, except for the homeless — — a majority of people went along with the first set of “instructions” as to how to avoid the Covid (lockdowns, distancing, masks). And it was amazing to me that so many people were actually, weirdly, excited to get their jabs, once the “vaccines” wereContinue reading “COVID CON: Are the Tables Turning?”

Covid Vaccine Implications: What happens to the blood supply?

A few months ago, I noticed somewhere that, thanks to Covid, the U.S. blood supply is in dire need of replenishment, given that previously postponed treatments and elective surgeries needed to be rescheduled. This announcement made me wonder.  What does vaccination do to the blood supply? Will there be any decision to not accept vaccinatedContinue reading “Covid Vaccine Implications: What happens to the blood supply?”

Sainted Fauci’s Pious Sadism — AND MORE

Searching for an image of Sadistic Saint Fauci to grace this post, I just now noticed this hilarious Babylon Bee post from April 2021. And for a second or two, yes . . . wondered if it’s true! Have you noticed? It’s getting more and more difficult to distinguish satire from “reality”— especially with “Biden”Continue reading “Sainted Fauci’s Pious Sadism — AND MORE”

The Dehumanization of the (Covid) OTHER

Please PAY ATTENTION. BTW: My way of working with others, my familiars — family, podmates and friends of Green Acres Permaculture Village, other friends and associates — with many of whom I would otherwise argue over ideology: “Let’s just focus on what we have in common.” It works. Beautifully. We are all relieved not toContinue reading “The Dehumanization of the (Covid) OTHER”

Sunday Meditation tomorrow: IVERMECTIN is TABOO; therefore, IVERMECTIN is KEY

Nearly two weeks ago, when we were making plans to begin a regular Sunday Meditation at 8:02 AM August 22,  the time of the exact Full Moon at 29° in Lion-Hearted Leo, conjunct Regulus, King of the Heavens, we were talking about “holding Ivermectin or some other powerful anti-parasitic in one’s cupped hands which areContinue reading “Sunday Meditation tomorrow: IVERMECTIN is TABOO; therefore, IVERMECTIN is KEY”

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