Compounding Synchronicities POINT THE WAY

Yesterday afternoon, a niece called me from near the Canadian border, told me her husband, who works for the border patrol,  was on duty at the southern border and brought back Covid. Their two kids barely noticed it. But the two adults were really sick. After four sweaty, feverish days, her twin sister called, told her to take Ivermectin. She got the animal kind, for a 1200 pound horse. Took the amount calibrated for her weight, and within four hours began to feel much better.

A few hours earlier, I had sent the first post on this subject to both her and her younger sister, a permaculturist. In response to receiving the post, the younger sister called the older one to say that she has been experimenting with Artemisia, otherwise known as Sweet Annie, as another anti-parasitic for Covid.

The younger sister called the older one because she had noticed that Artemisia had another name, “Sweet Annie,” just after they had both received my (their Auntie Annie’s) email.

So that’s one synchronicity, and they both noticed it.

But it gets much stranger, more magical.

Yesterday, during our regular Tuesday morning work party, I had been busy clearing “weeds” from the back patio garden. Eyeing three strange plants, I asked housemate Ethyl, what do you think, pull these? She was on her way somewhere else and didn’t respond.

I began to pull them out, when I suddenly felt the urge to stop — and smell them. Oops! What is this? I called Ethyl over, and she found out, through her phone app, that this plant is Sweet Annie! Which happens to be the same plant Ethyl drank as a tea when she and her boyfriend (both vaxxed, by the way) got Covid! Ethyl had told me about Sweet Annie, that someone local had figured out that it would be good for Covid. She had told me because we’ve started our Sunday Ceremony to rid the world of the F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) inducing covid parasite — and she knew Sweet Annie was anti-parasitic.  But she had never seen it as an actual plant! And wouldn’t you know, Sweet Annie/Artemesia is growing voluntarily just outside! And I had just about gotten rid of it, but then did not, due to a sudden desire to smell it!


Here’s the one that’s still in the ground, surrounded by perilla, another magically medicinal plant. We’re going to tincture the two I impulsively pulled out.


Julian Rose: An Example of Synchronicity

See an earlier post today for a discussion of synchronicities and how they help us discern the direction of our authentic path.

Yesterday, when I sent out the first post announcing what we are doing re: clearing the anti-parasitic component of the virus that has suckered so many into F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), I received the following as an immediate reply, from Julian Rose:


Amazing – arrived just as I was sending off my latest

Do use if you’d like to.

It’s been a ‘long time no hear’ – do hope all’s well with you – Yes, the fear bullshit is the greatest weapon of mass destruction on this planet!




Julian’s latest is the perfect complement to our new ritual practice. He places the Fear Factor in the much larger context needed as we begin to CLEAR the Earth, Air, and Water of our beloved planetary home through the courageous Fire of our opened hearts. THANK YOU, JULIAN!

Let us Utilize the Infinite Power of Imagination to Manifest Heaven on Earth — and Peace in Space

Yes, folks, it’s magic! And it all starts inside, within me, within you, within us. As I say to young people here, “What would you do with your life if there were absolutely no obstacles in your way?” They usually look at me, stunned. On their faces I see this: What, no obstacles? You mean I’m not a victim of circumstances?

I laugh and continue. “Yes. NO OBSTACLES. What would you do?” In other words, who are you, and how are you going to find out? By going after what you really want, NOW. Of course, your goal will evolve over time. You will refine your act. Though at first, we fledglings just blunder along, with each “mistake” or “failure” recognized in hindsight as an important growing point. Hmm. I notice I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to see so and so before she left. Or, hmmm, I notice I’m glad I didn’t get that job. On and on. Notice your responses to everything that happens. Become aware of your mind. Develop the witness consciousness.

And above all, begin. Just begin. Start out in the direction of your strong intent. Set your heart on that. No matter how wild or impossible it sounds. Throw caution to the winds and take that first baby step. As you do, notice, WOW! The exact person I wanted to speak with just called me. Or: I just had a dream, and it told me what to do next! Or: A song keeps running through my head, the exact song I need to understand what I’m doing! Or: A book just fell off the shelf and I happened to open it to the exact page I needed!

Yes. If we Follow our Nature then Nature Supports Us. We are not alone.  We are never alone. We, as sovereign individuals, are attuned to, in harmony with, the infinitely mysterious, multidimensional panoply of creation as we begin to carve out the exact path that we, personally, are meant to take in this astonishingly alive, conscious, co-creative universe.

Above all, keep noticing synchronicities as they appear. They are your touchstone, indicating you are on the path. Follow the trail of synchronicities, as the universe morphs itself in the direction of your strong intent.

My own path? Has always been to transform humanity’s historical penchant for War into a vibrantly alive Peace. Photo above with my dear old friend and intrepid, long-term warrior for peace in space Carol Rosin, back in the ’90s, in D.C.

Carol texted me the video below a few months ago. It’s long, and I’ve yet to watch . But I did grab the first minute or two this morning, enough to make me realize that this interview prefigures a strong, numinous dream that my former brother-in-law, John, experienced, only hours prior to last Sunday’s inaugural Let Us Alchemize Fear meditation, August 22, at 8:02 AM EDT, the exact moment of the 29° Leo Full Moon conjunct Regulus, King of the Heavens.

(We plan to continue these meditations, either in groups or alone, but timed so that they occur in concert on a weekly basis, every Sunday at 8:00 AM, for each participants time zone. We are in the process of deciding what kind of platform to use to set up a site where all who participate in these weekly meditations can gather.)

Here is John’s startling, visionary dream, which woke him from sleep, verbatim, as he first voiced and then emailed to me, at my request:

In this vision I was in this field where I could see from horizon to horizon and on this field I saw all these military troops marching; hundreds of thousands of them marching and I knew that they were leaving.  In the air above I saw military planes, helicopters and jets filling the skies above flying away in the same direction as the troops. Then I saw several large helicopters carrying, lifting battleships and aircraft carriers and naval ships of all sizes through the air in the same direction – I knew as I watched this unfold that they were all leaving.  I was then taken to this place in the hills I think near water and I saw these entire buildings including some that looked like condo’s and office buildings being carried like the ships through the air in some I could see people one in fact was in a bathrobe on the balcony peering over the railing.  Again I knew that these were all part of the same complex as the military troops, and naval vessels – perhaps industrial partners?  I was then shown one of these buildings being pulled out of the ground like a large tree with roots it came out of the ground and was lifted by these helicopters and flown away.  As I looked down the hole created by the extraction of this building with roots seemed to fill in and be restored and a voice told me that this was now land that people could use (to grow food, to live on, to enjoy).  All this felt like an exodus of military forces and the industries that feed off them for power.  It was definitly a departure a leaving as opposed to marching off to battle – they were leaving and it was not important where they were going.

Carol texted me today to say this, in response to the article posted below:

Russia and China have fervently opposed US plans for the deployment of offensive weapons systems in space for over a decade, jointly proposing a treaty to prevent such arms from being deployed by any nation. Earlier this year, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, said that there was “still a chance” to reach an agreement on the issue.

Congressional Report Frets over US Lack of “Systems Which Can Hold Off” Russia’s Hypersonic Weapons 







While offline on my personal blog, I have been fast and furious emailing and phoning back and forth with various friends and family re: the spontaneous emergence of a new and very Aquarian group action that we consider not just important, but vital, should we wish to take back our Mother Earth from the truly evil globalists. And we do.

I will tell the backstory of how this action came about at a later date. Be aware: it’s slam dunk full of synchronicities, so I KNOW it’s not only real, but required. And exceedingly timely.

In short, we need to dispel the rampaging F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) that has, once again in 2021, thanks to the rollout of the “delta variant” psy-op,  quickly and massively pulsed into the unconscious collective mind from above and below and within and without. We are surrounded by, seemingly surrendered to, FEAR; even we who consider ourselves conscious and awake are in danger of succumbing, drowning in this poisoned air, water and soil of FEAR. Unless, that is, we learn how to alchemize it.

But first, we need to realize what we are dealing with.

What We Are Dealing With

We need to realize that we are not just dealing with a — now mutating? — “virus,” even if that virus is patented and bio-engineered. Though promoted by both “experts” and the MSM — if it indeed exists (it has never been isolated) — as more powerful than most, this virus is still just one of millions of constantly mutating viruses that our brilliant (when functioning) human immune systems deal with every single day of our lives.

ATTENTION: This particular virus is also either acting like a parasite, or is hybridized with a parasite; and it is this parasitic action that is sucking humans into what has transmogrified into a thick, slimy, swampy cesspool of FEAR.

Those susceptible to this sucking action tend to be fear-based anyway.  These are the ones who are largely unconscious of their own unhealed past traumas (personal, ancestral, and cultural), and so suffer from PTSD. The parasite sucks upon and proliferates from the unhealed traumas.

This parasite,  some say, was introduced by aliens, namely reptilian overlords; for them, our fear is their food. The more fear they can suck out of us, the more food for them (also called “loosh”).

Meanwhile, a third factor that figures in here, and that is nano AI, also in some way hybridized with the virus/parasite. It is this third factor that aims to turn human beings into robots, “transhuman” machines, “smart” people out of touch with their own divine souls, programmed to be controlled by the evil globalists as they speed up this dramatic ongoing finale of their long-planned New World Order. The nano AI is nothing new: likely it’s in our food, water, air (through chem trails), even our clothing — and more.

So this hybridized virus is very very special! And especially special to it is the powerful parasitic action, which is why, BTW, ivermectin, which is used by vets to de-worm horses, WORKS. 

In fact, it was in meditating on the action of ivermectin, that a group of us begin to realize that what we are dealing with is this 3-way hybrid form: virus/parasite/nano AI.

In this process, with help of our guides, we began to conceive of a meditation which we could do regularly, to clear the Earth (including our own bodies), the Air, and the Water via the cleansing Fire of our own open, awakened hearts. As both Wikileaks and Project Veritas demonstrate: COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS.

“Heart,” in French = coeur.

This fiery coeur-age is that of the LOVE that fills and fuels the universe, coursing through our awakened, opened hearts, with endless, overflowing abundance.

In our service as spiritual warriors, willing vessels to fuel this magnificent contagion of courage, we automatically dispel, we alchemically transform, the unhealed PTSD parasitic contagion of fear.

Fear is the only alternative to love. Fear is the absence of love. Love expands. Fear contracts. Love fills and fuels. Fear sucks and depletes. We’re done being sucked into this fear bullshit.

The Meditation

We began yesterday, Sunday, August 22, at the exact time of the 29° Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius (8:02 AM EDT). The 29th degree of any sign is karmic, signifies what we must learn in order to consciously evolve into the next sign. What we must learn is how to open our Leo-ruled hearts, how to fully express our Lion-hearted, courageous Love as sovereign individuals, rather than cower as compliant sheeple in fear of outside “authorities.”  Furthermore, this 29th degree of Leo also just happens to exactly conjunct Regulus, the Lion-Hearted King of the Heavens!

The only instruction we gave each other for this meditation was to bring some kind of anti-parasitic medication or food to the occasion, to symbolize our intention to energetically clear the parasitic infestation of our planetary biosphere, including all creatures that live within, upon, and above her.

Some of us brought ivermectin, either the veterinary kind or the pharmaceutical. Other anti-parasitic material substances include reishi mushroom, ayahuawsca, garlic, and black walnut hull.

We also used burning sage to clear ourselves to begin the ceremony.

Otherwise, the protocols for energetic clearing were up to each individual and group that participated. Most found themselves done within 15-20 minutes. The stories that came out of this inaugural anti-parasitic clearing are already legion, and we’re in the midst of figuring out where we should set up some kind of internet platform for people to contribute, both their own stories and to hold open discussions.

I estimate that about three dozen conscious, heart-opened, love-filled human beings participated in this very Aquarian inaugural cleansing of the parasitic infestation occurring within all dimensions; those I know about so far are located all over the US. — Washington, Montana, New York, California, Louisiana, Indiana, and Michigan.

We will continue this Meditation to Energetically Cleanse Mother Earth’s Biome and Beyond of the Parasitic Infestation each Sunday, at 8:00 AM of whatever time zone the participants live in, and invite all who are so inclined to join us!

Let’s ramp up the ignition of this spontaneous small group action meditation into a decentralized global movement meditation. Nothing less will do. And we can do it!

If you have questions or suggestions, please either comment on this blogpost and/or email me at my new proton address:



INTRODUCTION to this new site

Way back in December of 2010, I was wondering “what next” in my long and peripatetic life. Softly,  “the voice,” which I hear only rarely, usually at a crucial turning point, spoke, this time in answer to my question. The response, a mere whisper inside my left ear,  one word, “Respond.” 

So that’s what I did. I began to respond to events in the outside world, as well as offer ongoing and evolving perspectives on my own constantly evolving interpretation of events. 

Meanwhile, I was also responding to events in the inner world, my own inner world, prompts from within that felt as or more imperative than those picked up from the outside. 

The process getting that website going took about a month. By the end of January 2011, I was up and running, with that title, “exopermaculture,” i.e., on the outside of permaculture, which, to my mind, was a sort of joke, because, in at least my way of understanding permaculture, there is no outside. All realms of life contribute to “permanent culture,” micro to macro, personal to cultural, as well as, of course, the land-based nitty gritty of learning how nature works, how she lives and moves as an entangled, interpenetrating mass. “Permaculture principles” were created in an attempt to capture in words some of what Nature is and does, so as to help us humans learn how to work with her in seeding and producing abundance for all — and not just materially, but on every level and dimension. 

Personally, I noticed myself more and more interested in the spiritual, cultural, sociological, and personal levels (or “zones”) of permaculture, and my exopermacutlure blog reflects those interests as well.

The idea of beginning again, occurred to me only as wordpress support flummoxed what I was doing a few days ago. Immediately, the idea of just putting up a site called came up as obvious. It’s high time that I drop all identification with any label, even that of the august and, in some circles, “politically correct,” permaculture label. I need to operate in the world as a 78-year-old single sovereign human woman who brings a wealth of experience and — dare I say it? — hard-earned wisdom to share with others.

As before, I prefer to work homeopathically, infusing small potent doses of “medicine” into whatever area of life I currently focus on. I much prefer the examined life to the life of fame, and choose to remain largely under the radar, as with, not hooking up this site to any social media platform. Nor do I “optimize searches.” In other words, if you want to read my work then you have to know about this website (likely through word of mouth). That way I don’t encourage trolls, and my ego doesn’t get inflamed. 

Short background: Ph.D. in philosophy 1972,  Boston University. Full-time teacher, New College of California 1972-73, subsequently fired for being “too experimental” for that experimental college. Student, consultant, conference presenter, and author in astrology, 1976 to present. To date, have launched five independent magazines, one of which, Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging (1989-2001), helped to launch a cultural movement of consciously valuing the aging process. I have, under my belt, an enormous output of both published and unpublished work, dating back to my outrageous PhD dissertation (I had titled it, “This Is Not A Book About Wittgenstein,” but the dissertation committee retitled it), a written corpus which I am now in the process of archiving.  

Despite this vast output, I’ve only committed one book to print, This Vast Being: A Voyage through Grief and Exaltation. 

In the next few years, I aim to have all the rest of it (at least 450 separate items) archived at Tendre Press, and available both as essays (with audios) and e-book essay collections. 

Meanwhile, on this site, I offer my continuing response to the ongoing, accelerating human drama of our times.

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