My Sunday Morning LAF Meditation . . .

Son Colin said he wanted to do his meditation out on his outdoor couch. Okay. So I set up on the screened porch here. This is the fifth Sunday in a row, starting with the Full Moon in Leo, August 22. The meaning of LAF? Our private Telegram group, which began with six members, nowContinue reading “My Sunday Morning LAF Meditation . . .”

U.S. Military Pawn Wakes Up to the Game

The following article was originally posted to reddit in 2015! Would that more young men and women whom the U.S. Military recruited by either catering to their indoctrinated idealism and/or offering enlistment bonuses up to $40,000 would wake up in time to save their own lives from the required CV vaccine, the near-inevitable PTSD —Continue reading “U.S. Military Pawn Wakes Up to the Game”

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