One Antidote to the Covid Con: STACK FUNCTIONS!

I saw this headline a few days ago: Indiana Will Be Home to Largest Solar Farm in the U.S. Covering 13000 Acres And it made me wonder, why not stack functions, grow food under the solar panels? It’s happening elsewhere, and even has a name: AGRIVOLTAICS. “Stack functions” is a permaculture principle referred to in myContinue reading “One Antidote to the Covid Con: STACK FUNCTIONS!”

Update on Halloween: Peruvian Star Woman!

About 18 people showed up for our Halloween Party Thursday, including dear Andreas who, after 4 years with us, has now moved to Ireland, and a new position as professor of piano. We brought him and his puppy Butch in by phone. I had promised myself to go as a “star woman” this time, ratherContinue reading “Update on Halloween: Peruvian Star Woman!”

WOKE to AWAKE! Or: Are You STILL Being Played?

And to think that, for awhile there, I was under the illusion that those who would kill us are fiendishly original. Yuck. (See cartoon below.) I wonder, had our “education” (from pre-school through graduate school) system not been gradually, insidiously transmogrified into indoctrination, would the pandemic + vaccine ruse have worked? And so seamlessly, withContinue reading “WOKE to AWAKE! Or: Are You STILL Being Played?”

Deep State’s Worst Nightmare: UNIFICATION!

Have you noticed? Someone starts something, and it’s picked up by others, first on social media, and then in reality. Example: Whistleblowers. They are coming forth so fast and furious now, there’s no way to keep up. Check their very active news site: Example: The Maricopa Arizona forensic audit: as of now, four more statesContinue reading “Deep State’s Worst Nightmare: UNIFICATION!”

NEXT STEP: We RECOGNIZE That We Are Building A Parallel Economy and Culture Five Ways to Financial Security While Building Thriving Communities Outside the System Reminder oh you other outsiders, LAF meditation tomorrow morning 8 am, your time — wherever you may be, there we are.     Yesterday, a young male stranger from Louisville called me. He had seen Green Acres Permaculture Village listed on the reading “NEXT STEP: We RECOGNIZE That We Are Building A Parallel Economy and Culture”

1994 Essay: Building the Snow Castle

I listened to a podcast during my rest period this afternoon, one that featured Julian Rose, an elder with whom I have long felt an affinity. When he began to talk about “community,” I found myself nodding, given our now 12-year-old experiment here in Green Acres Permaculture Village. I paraphrase what he said that struckContinue reading “1994 Essay: Building the Snow Castle”

1998 Essay: I Investigate My Teutonic Ancestry

So interesting, this extended Recapitulation Project of mine. Once in a while I am moved to actually reread an essay, while moving it into google docs. And both times so far, an essay written decades ago resonates with our current world. Con-sider Astrology (Before It’s Too Late) A Millennial Essay: Touchdown to the Stars Now,Continue reading “1998 Essay: I Investigate My Teutonic Ancestry”

Third Sunday Meditation, LOVE ALCHEMIZES FEAR: with son Colin!

I must say, I am so glad Colin suggested we do our regular meditation every Sunday morning, at 8 AM. SO much better than doing it at the exact moment of each quarter Moon. For three reasons: 1) we echo and honor that exact Full Moon at 29° Leo conjunct Regulus on Sunday, August 22Continue reading “Third Sunday Meditation, LOVE ALCHEMIZES FEAR: with son Colin!”

Alt-Epistemology: Who or What to Believe about RDS “Death” — AND MORE!

I put the word “alt-epistemology” in the above title, because some time ago I decided that the only way to work with trying to “figure out” what’s “goin’ down” in the outside world would be to take everything I hear or see from some one else “provisionally,” i.e., I really don’t know. I really haveContinue reading “Alt-Epistemology: Who or What to Believe about RDS “Death” — AND MORE!”

“WAKE UP! IT’S TIME!” That’s for sure . . .

“WAKE UP! IT’S TIME!” This was the voice I heard, as I awakened from a numinous dream, back in 1989. WAKE UP! IT’S TIME! That was 21 years ago, three quarters of a Saturn cycle ago, one quarter of a Uranus cycle ago. The Voice was that of Raven, raucously cawing while fiercly clawing onContinue reading ““WAKE UP! IT’S TIME!” That’s for sure . . .”

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